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MakerWords is a keyword research tool for makers, designers,
and creative entrepreneurs brought to you by the team at MerchantWords.

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Top Etsy Search Trends This Month

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How Etsy Search Works

When a shopper searches for an item on Etsy, Etsy’s search algorithm returns the most relevant matches.

For a product to be displayed in the search results it must match the shopper’s search word or phrase.

For example, the search “leather earrings” will only return items that match both “leather” and “earrings.”

Wooden table with gray yarn, knitting needle, and knitted scarf

Etsy’s Algorithm

Sellers control the most important factors in Etsy search discoverability and ranking.

Once Etsy’s algorithm finds the items that match a shopper’s search, keywords and relevant item attributes are used to determine the order of the results.

A listing that contains a shopper’s search word or phrase in both the title and tags are considered more relevant than a listing with the word in only the tag or title. Words at the beginning of titles are considered more important than words at the end.

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Listing Quality

Great reviews, a completed About section, and completed shop policies can all help your placement in search.

Etsy’s algorithm also considers how well items perform in search. If a shopper clicks, favorites, or purchases an item after they’ve seen it in search results a listing’s quality score improves.

Etsy also reviews how recently an item was listed or re-listed, so don’t let your listings go stale.

Frequently Asked Questions

With MakerWords you can view both Etsy and Amazon keyword data side-by-side. We help you get a complete picture of how customers are searching for the products you are selling on two of the world’s largest e-commerce marketplaces.

Their main goal is to make sales. So, when a shopper types into the search bar, Etsy and Amazon aim to quickly suggest the best keywords for products that lead to a sale.

MakerWords collects these searches, which means we can see what your potential customers are actually looking for, and we can spot search trends as they happen.

As a shop owner, you can see what words Etsy and Amazon shoppers are using to describe the products they want to buy.

We save you days of work and confusion in the keyword research process. We make it easy to do product research. And even easier to find the right keywords to add to your product listing to improve your Etsy and Amazon SEO ranking.

MakerWords is brought to you by the team at MerchantWords. We’ve been collecting Amazon shopper search data since 2012. We combine our years of keyword experience with data science expertise, machine learning, and AI to provide you with the most comprehensive database of shopper searches on Etsy and Amazon.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] to cancel your account.

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